History Cards


Would you like to learn more about History? Events, wars, revolutions!

History Cards is a fun way to learn with a three step process and virtual cards. Try it for free!

History Cards will help you learn History. It is easy to use and fun.

Here are the subjects included in this version of the History Cards:

- Important Events and Eras

- Human Evolution

- Ancient Civilisations

- Revolutions

- American Revolution

- French Revolution

- Main Wars of History

- Napoleonic Wars

- American Civil War

- World War I

- World War II

- Space Exploration

As you progress, you will achieve landmarks:

- Neophyte

- Amateur

- Connoisseur

- Expert

- Scolar

- Master.

To preserve the user experience there are no publicity in the App. You can download it and try it for free.

You can choose between 40 time lines: From the Big Bang to Space Exploration.

Before doing the Quiz you can choose to watch a slide show which presents all the information of the Time Line

The first step of the Quiz is to place each card presented before or after the displayed event.


The second step is to place each group of three cards in chronological order.


The third step is to place each card representing a date with its corresponding date.

You can follow your progress and gradually reach the different levels of the game.