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Normand Martin

iOS App developer

I am a retired engineer and I started developing iOS Apps as a hobby. I spend a lot of time designing and maintaining my Apps and I have a lot of fun doing it.
I started developing Apps when I was studying Italian. I was looking for an App dedicated to Italian verbs and couldn't find what I needed. So I decided to develop one myself. After finishing the App on Italian verbs, I developed similar ones in the other languages I speak: French, Spanish and English.
Subsequently I developed historical quizzes Apps: "Learn History" and an art quiz App: "Learn Art". Being a crossword enthusiast, I developed a crossword App in French (my mother tongue): "Mots croisés classiques".
My latest application is more utilitarian: “Recipe Book”, my wife is a very good cook but her recipes are scattered all over the place, on a piece of paper, in books, on websites etc. This App makes it easy and efficient to collect all the recipes on an iPhone or iPad.
You can find information about all of these Apps on this site. If you use any of them I would be very interested in your feedback, it is very difficult to improve without users comments.

French Verbs Quiz

Spanish Verbs Quiz

Italian Verbs Quiz

Learn Art

Mots Croisés Classiques

Recipe Book

English Verbs Quiz

Learn History

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