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Learn Art

Learn Art has been designed to be visually appealing. For this reason, there is no advertising in the game to maintain its visual integrity.

Learn Art brings together 140 paintings by the greatest artists in the history of art. There are several ways to use Learn Art:

By using Learn Art you will learn to recognize the paintings of the greatest artists of history, to recognize their style. 

The quiz is designed to be fun and challenging. You will really learn!

There are several levels to achieve:






Do not hesitate to use the hint system, it is an essential part of the learning process

The quiz is also linked with Game Center allowing you to see your rank on the Leaderboard.

Try it is free!

You can start by browsing the DataBase or looking at the slide show before trying the Quiz

You must first identify the painter of the work of art presented to you.

If you have correctly identified the painter, you must then identify another of his works, so you have to recognize his style.

If you have passed the first two steps you will move on to the third step, which consists of identifying a painter from his biography and putting the letters of his name in order.

Can you reach the ultimate level of «Art Master». Try, it's not easy!

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