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Recipe Book

I made this app with my wife in mind. She is a very good cook and her recipes are scattered all over the place: on a piece of paper, in a book, on a website, etc. This application is therefore designed to allow quick and easy recording of recipes. In addition, the recipes are stored in iCloud and are therefore accessible with all your iOS devices. Finally, the app allows the exchange of recipes with friends. Application is simple but effective. You will have all your recipes right at your fingertips on your iPhone.

It only takes a few minutes to save a recipe. Also the display when the recipe is viewed will be crisp and clear.

FirstEnterGeneral 2

There are several fields provided to enter general information but only the name of the recipe is mandatory, often this is sufficient.

EditOrAddMeal copy

Food categories are pre-registered in the App but these categories can be modified according to the user's needs.

All recipes are classified according to food categories for easy reference.

The app uses the iPhone or iPad's ability to scan text quickly and clearly. Of course it is also possible to type in the information.

PrintOrShareRecipes copy

Finally, once the recipe is saved in your device, it becomes very easy to forward it to friends by email, text, WhatsApp, etc. according to user preferences.

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