Learn History

The App is a tool to learn events and dates of different eras of History. The user has first to choose the subject he wants to learn. There is presently 10 different subjects:

  • American Civil war

  • American Revolution

  • Ancient Civilisation

  • French Revolution

  • Great Explorers

  • Life Evolution

  • Napoleon

  • Space Pioneers

  •  World War I

  • World War II


For each subject there is about 120 events and their respective dates. The first part asks the user to identify 3 events between 6 presented for a given time period. The second part asks the user to pair these selected 3 events to their specific dates. There is also a reward system made of credits. If the user is out of credits he can buy some or watch an advertisement video. The user can start over each subject as many time as he wants.