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French Verbs Quiz

Verbs are very important when learning a language. I designed this App in order to be able to focus on verbs. Repeating and conjugating verbs in various forms will allow you to memorize verbs and use them naturally in a conversation. This App has been designed for this purpose..

Use the extensive data base of French verbs, choose the verb and the verb tense, to see the conjugation.

See the right conjugations for all verbs and tenses you choose.

The App has a hint system. It is the best way to start, it helps you acquire some basic knowledge.

You can choose what tenses and what verbs you want to study and start the quiz.

Test your knowledge in context with sentences. Using the right verb and tense in sentences is, of course, essential to speak a language.

Look at statistics on your global performance. It helps you pinpoint with what verb tense you are having more difficulties.

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